MSCI Services

Coordinating clinical care and managing increasingly complex administrative functions are becoming more important as practices evolve to improve patient outcomes and financially thrive.

While MicroMD PM + EMR offers a host of standard reports within the software, many practices have specific needs for data to assist them in managing their workflows, tracking patient results across care settings, securing PCMH designation, meeting quality initiatives and documenting audit information.

If you have a need for a report that doesn’t exist in your MicroMD software, work with us to create one.


Providing constructive knowledge of how a medical office should operate based on the practice day to day workflow. Providing consulting for multiple types of medical offices

Software Support

Our team connect with customers to assist with any MicroMD software issues a user may have

MicroMD PM & EMR Training

Assist new and existing staff with the proper knowledge to navigate through the systems successfully and effectively.

HIT Training

Assisting medical practices with a more designed way to improve medical billing within their office quickly and easily.

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Our team of specialist providing the best service and increasing the payments received by insurances and patients.

Implementation & Project Management Services

Events scheduled with our team & the customer to provide assistance on device setup, workflow changes, and any additional needs.

Practice Development / Startup

Address customer needs within their practice from startup to closing

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