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Secure Chart

Henry Schein Secure Chart Patient Portal

Flexible, two-way patient-to-practice communications

Medical professionals interact with their patients hundreds of times a day, whether answering questions, collecting or sending information. These interactions can be time consuming and costly for your practice.
The Henry Schein Secure Chart Patient Portal provides patients and office staff a website containing a number of easy-to-use features that will save time for both patients and office staff, including:

  • Collecting patient form data online prior to service
  • Answering patient questions
  • Bi-lingual (Spanish-English) e-mail confirmations
  • Certified with MicroMD EMR for Complete 2014 Edition CEHRT

Customize your practice landing page

When your patient logs on to the patient portal, they will view your customized landing page. Welcome your patients, list the practice office hours, web address, location(s), or provide directions. Regardless of what information you provide, your patients will have an “at a glance” look at your practice information.

Secure patient messaging

The patient messaging system within the Henry Schein Secure Chart Patient Portal helps you stay in contact with your patients, whether it is the practice sending an updated medication list to the patient or the provider requesting updated information from the patient. When new messages are received through the portal, MicroMD EMR users will receive notification in the Portal Updates section of the Desktop in MicroMD EMR to respond quickly.

Publish any document with ability to edit prior to publishing

The Henry Schein Secure Chart Patient Portal informs MicroMD EMR users when medical information for patients is due to be updated. Users can quickly publish documents and communications to the portal within MicroMD EMR with additional publishing options, including sending only a message with no documents attached or sending a medical information list, such as allergies. MicroMD EMR users also have the ability to not publish, if it is decided that the information does not need to be shared with the patient on the Patient Portal. Utilize the annotation tool to remove sensitive data from any document or draw attention to certain elements. In addition, MicroMD EMR users also can view a categorized list of items sent to the Henry Schein Secure Chart Patient Portal and check on the status of a published item.