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MSCI is a provider of proven and cost-effective practice management (PM) and electronic medical records (EMR) systems in partnership with Henry Schein MicroMD®.

Henry Schein MicroMD® is partnered with some of today’s “best in class” healthcare vendors, the new solutions will provide physician practices with functionality, such as patient communications, electronic patient payments, and HIPAA-compliant data backup and monitoring, all which are fully integrated with MicroMD PM and EMR software.

  • Demandforce
  • MicroMD eBackUp
  • MicroMD eStatements
  • MicroMD Payments powered by Moneris Solutions
  • MedBank Website Development
  • Transworld Systems Collection Module
  • DashboardMD
  • AutoRemind
  • MicroMD Custom Reporting
  • HSMS Secure Chart (Patient Portal)
  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition
  • Topaz eSignature Pad


In partnership with MicroMD, Demandforce integrates with MicroMD Practice Management (PM) software to automate marketing and patient communications, as well as online reputation management.


MicroMD eBackUp (powered by Asigra)

MicroMD’s HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based data backup service minimizes the risks associated with manual data backup by providing secure, automated, online data backup. eBackUp is simple and reliable, connecting you with a service that manages and monitors data across your entire LAN, establishes automated backup and retention schedules, alerts you to backup issues and works with you to restore your data quickly during disaster recovery.


Transworld Collection Module

  • Transworld Systems collection services is integrated with MicroMD to bring healthcare organizations better tools to manage their accounts receivable and increase cash flow.
  • Built-in MicroMD integration works with all Transworld Systems cash flow management services including:
    • Accelerator – Frequent friendly reminder service accelerates patient responses
    • Profit Recovery – Pre-Collections – recover more and maintain your relationship
    • Medical Collections – For those tougher accounts


In partnership with MicroMD, DashboardMD integrates with MicroMD Practice Management (PM) software to extract key financial and claims data to do your number crunching behind the scenes

  • Plug and Play Enterprise Business Intelligence Reporting Suite
  • Turnkey Performance Management Model
  • Daily Interactive and Customizable Dashboards
  • Fully Integrated Ad Hoc Analysis Tools
  • Scheduled Reports pushed via Email
  • Enterprise Rollup including multiple PM systems
  • Cloud Hosted SaaS Solution


Topaz Signature Pad

  • The SignatureGem LCD 4×3 from Topaz Systems is a versatile electronic signature capture system with integrated electronic display. The LCD shows ‘electronic ink’ under the pen tip in real time as a users signs, for an easy, natural signature experience.
  • Some sites use the Topaz for the following:
    • Patient Disclosure Acknowledgement
    • Consent for Release of Confidential Info
    • Registration Form
    • Discharge instructions
    • Post Procedure Driving Disclosure


MedBank Website Development:

Enables healthcare providers to easily define and maintain a robust and easily-customizable website for patients to learn about their practice and providers, and easily view clinical information related to treatment.


Secure Chart Patient Portal:

Flexible, two-way patient-to-practice communications to allow medical professionals a secure way to interact with their patients to answer questions, collect or send information.

MicroMD Custom Reporting

While MicroMD PM + EMR offers a host of standard reports within the software, many practices have specific needs for data to assist them in managing their workflows, tracking patient results across care settings, meeting quality initiatives and documenting audit information. If you have a need for a report that doesn’t exist in your MicroMD software, work with us to create one.

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