MicroMD Cloud

  • Ease of access to health records via the internet
  • Reduces cost on implementation
  • Access your health records without IT requirements such as cyber security.

The MicroMD Cloud-based systems is hosted on a shared server and accessed via the internet. Sometimes referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS). Accessing software in this way comes with a number of advantages, being an ease of implementation.

Since cloud-based software is hosted elsewhere and accessed through the internet, there is no hardware or software to install, making for a very efficient implementation and a faster return on investment. Another benefit of cloud-based software is the cost savings, at least when it comes to cost of implementation. Again, because there is no need for hardware or software installation, implementing cloud-based software simply requires a small start up cost and the regular subscription fee which is typically more affordable than the up-front implementation costs for on-site software.

When accessing your EHR through the cloud, your IT requirements are reduced. This is because the security is taken care of by the SaaS provider, reducing the practice’s need for an in-house IT team to install, configure, and update hardware and software. Increased flexibility is another advantage of cloud-based software. Because the EHR is accessed through the internet, providers aren’t at all limited in the locations where they can access their system. Smartphones and tablets are both fair game, even away from the office which allows providers to work on the go as needed. Finally, cloud-based EHRs are more easily scalable than their on-premise counterparts. If your practice is going through a period of rapid growth, with a cloud-based system you will simply need to add another new user as opposed to setting up another machine for in-house systems.

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