MicroMD Practice Management

Before, during, and after each scheduled appointment. MicroMD Practice Management systems allows you to schedule, receive payments, check/verify insurance eligibility, set reminders & complete digital patient intake. These capabilities help manage your busy workday with simplicity and precision.

Practice Management

MicroMD® PM Management and Financial Reports

Reporting for Operational and Financial Insight

In day-to-day operations, your practice generates volumes of data. What you need is insightful information. Advanced reporting capabilities-one of the strongest reasons why Henry Schein Medical Systems MicroMD PM (Practice Management) consistently ranks among the top practice management systems in the nation. With MicroMD PM, you get the right perspective on your data. MicroMD PM lets you view key indicators to monitor trends in service delivery, discover potential trouble in billing, or simply save time on repetitive reporting tasks.

Management Reports

MicroMD PM management reports help you measure actual day-to-day operations in order to serve patients more effectively and run your practice more efficiently. For example, diagnosis and procedure history reports capture detailed encounter data and display it by provider, group of providers, location, service date range, posting date range, or other criteria. These reports can help you identify trends and ensure proper coding.

MicroMD Practice Management Features

  • Automatic Eligibility Verification
  • Reminders
  • Explosion Codes
  • Patient Payments
  • Claims Submission, Remittance Advice Retrieval & Management
  • eStatements
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Digital Patient Intake
  • Insurance Eligibility Checks
  • Payment Statements and Bill
  • Online Patient Scheduling
  • AutoRemind
  • Patient Reports
  • Online Patient Scheduling
  • Charge Capture
  • Payment Posting
  • Patient Collection Tools
  • Code Scrubbing
  • Document Management System

MicroMD® PM Management

Patient Appointment Scheduling

The MicroMD® PM practice management solution makes scheduling easy and gives your physicians, nurses and staff the control they need to manage patient visits smoothly. When scheduling an appointment, you’ll start with easy access to detailed information and let the system search for an open slot according to patient needs and staff availability. As you assign a date and time, you may choose to attach a note or designate an appointment class such as sick visit, well visit or follow-up. To move an appointment, just drag and drop on screen.

User Friendly Advantage

Features like the temporary patient record allows users to store new patient contact information, referring doctor, and other insurance details temporarily. On their first visit, the system simply rompts to convert the data into permanent file, eliminating double data entry. MicroMD PM’s emplate-based displays present appointment schedules by week, day, location and provider. Or you can quickly locate an appointment by searching. A quick mouse-over of any appointment reveals details for the visit. When a scheduled appointment is moved, the patient’s name is added to a global clipboard so other authorized users can reschedule it if necessary.

Valuable Patient Visit Reports

MicroMD PM can help you monitor office productivity and improve workflow. With the check in/check out tool, you can measure the duration of every visit, from waiting room to examination to check out. The system also tracks authorized visits, post-op periods and pre-certifications; referral and pre-certification reports; appointment histories; and users’ scheduling activity over time.

MicroMD PM ICD-10 Functionality

Simple yet powerful administrative and billing tools to manage your transition

  • Optum Cross-coding files to enable ICD-10 code before claims are compiled
  • All electronic and print claims and reporting accommodate ICD-10 codes
  • Preferred Clearinghouses successfully completed MicroMD claims transmission testing + participating in ongoing CMS end-to-end testing with MACs

MicroMD Practice Management add-on Products

Availity Clearinghouse

Clearing house used to manage cash flow, Improve Reimbursements and save money when completing billing using this system

Dashboard MD

Healthcare analytics software used daily to monitor the operational processes. providing layer of administrative reporting & additional checks and balances for a more effective office performance.

WorldPay epayments

Simplified process for receiving payments online and in practice to help generate payments directly.

Allowing you to process patient credit and debit card payments directly through MicroMD and providing a secure way for patient payment information to be automatically posted in the patient account or online directly through that patient portal or by phone. This integrated system automatically improves the process of receiving payments for medical practices

Key Features

Reduce PCI Scope

Eliminate the need for your software apps to undergo PCI compliance validation. Simple. Secure payment acceptance is achieved by eliminating cardholder data from your business software. triPOS enables custom forms that run behind the POS application to shield sensitive card data from your solution.

Only One Integration

Get total control. Developers need to complete only a single, simple integration to support end-to-end integrated payments. triPOS eliminates the need to develop to various hardware manufacturer device APIs. Complex EMV certifications a thing of the past and can process against multiple processors meaning that developers can integrate once, and process on the payment platform that best suits their needs.

Future-proof and Flexible

triPOS promises a future-proof integration to newly supported devices, authorization platforms, and/ or transaction protocols as they become available without any additional development work. Be nimble. Developers can customize branded forms to enable options such as coupons, customer loyalty, and more.

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